En-tête de Présentation


Shooting is the raw material of the movie,  theses images will be assembled during post-production. The shooting takes place from the beginning of the day until the start of dances.

Équipement de production de films

During the shooting, we don’t only record images of the day, but we also manage to record sound using all kind of sound external devices, keeping in mind the sequences’s uniformity of the footage for a coherent post production.

We strive to vary the diversity of shots : wide shots / close up, shots a real speed / slow motion, etc

The objective is to offer a wide range of what a videographer can do in 2019.

In order to be as mobile as possible, we use two camera configurations depending on the sequences to be filmed. One on a monopod, i.e. a portable tripod, the other on a stabilizer, which gives a cinematic floating effect. This technique is particularly effective during following movements, such as when the brides enter the reception rooms.


In order to guarantee the integrity of the sound captured on your D-Day, microphones are placed in such a way as to recover a perfectly clear and audible voice for ceremonies, speeches, animations or spontaneous speaking in public. The entire mix of the evening is recorded at the DJ’s mixing table. As such, if an orchestra or band performs during your evening, we will be able to have the mixed sound of all the singers and instruments, just as during a traditional live concert. For the speeches we generally also place dictaphones around the stage microphones as a luxury ‘Plan B’ – given the importance of perfectly recording these personal words! Doing so ensures optimal voice quality, no matter where the cameraman is relative to the speaker.

With regards to the music of your film, it is chosen by the bride and groom from a playlist of music of which Carat Films has acquired the rights. The bride and groom will have the pleasure to select the titles that best suit their taste. It is essential that the music corresponds to your individual style, because it will directly influence the rhythm and the editing of the film.

As the music is legally copyrighted, you will never have any worries about the rights of using the songs. This will prevent you from any copyrighting issues should you choose to share your movie on any of the social networks like Instagram or Facebook…


Once the images are captured, post-production begins. Editing is the first step and consists firstly of sorting all the raw images. The mission is then to select and assemble the ‘crème de la crème’ of the images for the film. It is then necessary to ensure a seamless transition between all of the shots. The overall tone of the film should also be respected, although some sequences of the film are naturally more rhythmic than others. As married couples, you will not ne required to intervene in this step. We are committed to draw from our knowledge, and our experience to extract the best from the filmed images for optimal rendering. The only aspect on which you may like to advise is the preferred duration of the movie, which will have an influence on the sequence and the number of images inserted in the timeline. Another key aspect of the editing is the adornment, which means adding visual effects or animations to the images to improve the rawness of the images. For example, it can be a flare (rays of artificial light) if the shot lends itself to it, a title animation indicating the time, or the location when entering a new setting, a transition, etc… This also includes the creation of custom titles for the beginning of the film, the teaser of the highlights of the day…

Once the editing is completed, it is then necessary to process the sound. A total mix is made whether your film lasts 5 minutes or 1 hour and a half. This step allows us to limit the variation between loud/soft noises from one sequence to another, or to add high/low pitches when certain sounds require it, such as when the sound of a DJ is badly set (unfortunately, this happens more often than you think!) After the technical adjustments comes the artistic touch using music to rhythm the film. The songs used are your own choice, and this is an essential point because it allows you to personify the film to your style, using your favorite songs!

Avant et après la post-production

The last stage of production, it is the copy of the film on the media of your choice! For a long time, we burned the projects on DVD, but over time with the dematerialization of digital files, and the ability to easily link the displays between them, we now prefer a digital delivery through a video gallery that allows to separate the different sequences of the film.

This system provides better navigation, and a better viewing experience than a basic USB key delivery. In this way, the video gallery is personalized, and that’s also the best way we have found to show the full speeches without breaking the pace of the feature film.