A graduate of the International Institute of Image and Sound, in the “directing” section, I am a director who has had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, from fiction, to video clips, to advertising. My versatility has allowed me to develop my framing skills, and to invest in top quality equipment in order to conduct field reports independently. I started making wedding films over a decade ago and the quality of my performances and my ability to grasp the key moments of a day have evolved with experience over the years. Today I can make a totally personalized wedding film, through the shooting, sound processing, and presentation of the film. Of all my video making fields, I always enjoy working on weddings because I think they are an excellent story-telling style of documentary. Moreover, I am motivated by the challenge to grasp the best moments of joy throughout the day, to assemble them and to make a fresco of images and sounds in the style of your relationship.


I created Carat Films in 2014, since then I had the opportunity to work on several hundred weddings, alongside my activity as an audiovisual content producer for Parisian production companies and brands like Hilton, Dior, L’Oréal, M6, EDF, Astra Zeneca …



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